Gary Blackburn owner of the Little Britain Inn and Headland Views

CNN Report: Discover the Charm of The Little Britain Hotel

Gary Blackburn owner of the Little Britain Inn and Headland ViewsThis past week, CNN Travel featured an excellent report on our charming hotel in Germany – The Little Britain Inn.

In their coverage, they beautifully described The Little Britain Inn as “a corner of Germany that shall remain forever England.”

Their positive comment truly captures the essence of our hotel: “This little patch of land in Vettelschloss has become a place where age-old rivals meet and remember what they like about each other.” The Little Britain Inn is not just a place to stay; it’s a unique venue that connects our two nations.

We invite you to book a stay at The Little Britain Inn, where you’ll be warmly welcomed. In the UK you can also enjoy the atmosphere by booking the Headland Views holiday home in Newquay, Cornwall. Celebrate the connection between Germany and the UK with a stay at these two distinct yet equally charming destinations. Embrace the cultural bond and create lasting memories that bridge countries and generations.

Book your stay at The Little Britain Inn and Headland Views holiday home today, and experience the best of both worlds!

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